Body Wraps & Scrubs

Hydrotherapy Seaweed Wrap

An ultra-soothing, hydrating treatment. A natural-based pack is enriched with anti-oxidant vitamins A, C & E to nourish the skin and essential oils to relax and calm the body. Ideal for those suffering from dry, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin.

  • $75

Detoxifying and Soothing Body Wrap

This high-potency, hydrating body wrap has nutrient-rich green algae to help hydrate and detoxify the body. Rose-hip seed oil to nourish, rejuvenate and heal the skin, leaving your body and skin feeling renewed.

  • 1 hour: $70

Aromatic Wrap

Melt away tension!  Essential oils are luxuriously applied to the body and penetrate into the tissues, while gently-warmed stones are strategically placed throughout for extra relaxation. Imagine receiving a foot or scalp massage while wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and fragrance. This wrap promotes detoxification, hydration and tranquility.

  • $75

Salt Glow

An invigorating and full body scrub designed to exfoliate away expired skin cells with natural sea salts and warm oil. A relaxing body moisturizer is then applied to complete the experience.

  • 1 hour: $70


Clay Foot Mask - $10
Soothing clay foot mask will help pull toxins from your tired soles and leave you feeling light on your feet.

Paraffin Hand Dip - $10
Relieve the muscle and joint aches in your hands and relax with a paraffin dip.

Sole Glow- $10
A gentle exfoliation using our house made salt scrub followed by re-hydration of the feet to invigorate your soles.
Please ask for the monthly special add-on!

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