Therapeutic Massage & Body Work Treatments


1 ½ hours: $100

Focuses on the body as a whole. We carefully take in all aspects of your life and fine tune your massage to your particular needs. Everyone is different; why shouldn’t your massage be unique to you?


½ hour: $45
1 hour: $70
1 ½ hours: $90

This massage promotes relaxation and assists the body’s circulation system, giving your mind, body and spirit the nurturing it needs.


½ hour: $50
1 hour: $75
1 ½ hours: $100

We incorporate many modalities to help balance out the daily damage done to our bodies. This massage begins a feeling of new life to your body.


1 hour: $80
1 ½ hour: $105

Giving that little extra to get those issues out of your tissues. Please see your therapist to make sure this treatment is right for you.


1 hour: $65

Nurturing the mother-to-be, comfort and relaxation are the main focus in this massage. Please check with your therapist to make sure this service is appropriate.


½ hour: $45

For those who suffer chronic Chrone's, IBS, or even the day-to-day strain patterns we put ourselves in. Gentle unwinding and warming friction soothe the core. Great by itself or easily added to another massage service.


1 hour: $85 | 1 ½ hours: $120

Unwind with this soothing treatment that stimulates circulation, relaxes the muscles and eases the mind. The warmth of these stones relieves your aches and brings new energy to the body. Please give a two-hour notice for this service.


Clay Foot Mask - $10
Soothing clay foot mask will help pull toxins from your tired soles and leave you feeling light on your feet.

Paraffin Hand Dip - $10
Relieve the muscle and joint aches in your hands and relax with a paraffin dip.

Sole Glow- $10
A gentle exfoliation using our house made salt scrub followed by re-hydration of the feet to invigorate your soles.
Please ask for the monthly special add-on!

Additional Services 


The Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person – mind, body and soul – creating beneficial effects that include feelings of peace, security and well-being. 

  • 1 hour: $70
  • Massage with Reiki: 1 ½ hours: $115


This treatment assists the body to normalize metabolism and enhance the circulatory system. We do this by tapping into ancient meridians and zones in the human body by the application of focused pressure technique.

  • 45 minutes: $55

Activated Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Time takes a toll on our bodies; disease, stress, and lack of mobility result from poor diet, occupations, and our daily routine. Using AIS we have the ability to counter the abuses we put on ourselves.

Our goal is to help you attain a complete range of motion (ROM) in your joints by assisting in the stretching of your muscles. This helps you maintain the amount of increased ROM you have achieved. 

AIS has many purposes besides increasing ROM; it will increase blood flow to your joints and promote healing. AIS may also reduce overall mental and physical stress. With the neuromuscular system being stimulated and endorphins being released, your body feels at ease and relaxes. Relieving the pressures around the rib cage, diaphragm, and clavicle may also allow for an increase of oxygen intake and allow for easier respiration. Your lymphatic and circulatory system work closely together; stretching around joints where they tend to become restricted, especially in the elderly, will help the removal of toxins from your body. To get everything moving again, this assisted stretch session will leave you feeling renewed. This technique can be used alone or combined with a massage.

We are here to help improve range of motion of each individual, thus increasing the body’s natural healing abilities.

• ½ hour: $50 • 1 hour: $80 • 1 ½ hours: $130 • Massage and AIS: 2 hours $150

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